Hi, My name is Tony or “Tony Dwi Susanto” or “Tony Pelita Hati”.

This is just a blog to remember what I have learned in my class, as a tutor as well as a student.

Frankly, I easily forget any thing that I have learned, read, written or even done especially when I learn another new knowledge/skill. It should not happen! I hope this Blog will help me BETTER and Better, to remind me any skills or knowledge that I have gained.

Also, this blog is intended as a communication medium between me and students in my classes.

Currently, I am a PhD student at School of Informatics and Engineering, The Flinders University of South Australia . My research interests are in e-government, mobile technology particularly SMS, technology adoption, Information Systems particularly Decision Support Systems. I like Computer Design using Photoshops and Corel Draw, and Data Analysis using SPSS and Ms Excel. Now, I just start to learn Java particularly for Mobile Programming.

Further personal information about me, please access my Personal Blog. Any inquiries please contact me at tonydwisusanto@gmail.com

Enjoy, and nice to know you!



  1. Hi,
    I would like to ask you about PhD in Computer Science at Flinders.

    Thank you

    • Hi Peerumporn…you can check the info (including thesis, research, and potential supervisors at https://csem.flinders.edu.au/
      Good luck!

  2. hi…kemarin saya nyasar ke survey tentang sms egov bapak. ikutan ngisi, kebetulan juga pernah menggunakan layanan tsb. semoga sukses dan lancar program phd-nya. ditunggu hasilnya… \(^;^)/

    • mbak Mebigina, makasih atas partisipasinya, insyaAlloh hasilnya saya publish juga di http://smsegov.info sukses buat mbak juga!

  3. Pak tony, mau tanya, kebetulan saya sedang mengerjakan tugas akhir, dan sedang mengalami kesulitan dikarenakan revisi alat.
    Bisakah kita memanggil googlemaps.sisx dari aplikasi cjguide.jar kita pak?
    jadi ketika button 1 pada aplikasi central java guide di tekan, maka akan melaunch program googlemaps tersebut.
    terima kasih pak sebelumnya

  4. Terima kasih pak

  5. Blog bapak sangat bermanfaat 🙂 senang dengan semuanya

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