Posted by: tonyteaching | February 28, 2011

To run Anti-Virus without running Virus

When my computer is infected virus…I will run the virus everytime I run my computer.
Even when I run anti-virus to detect the virus, the virus often blocks the anti-virus and says “your anti-virus file is broken..etc”

so How to run anti-virus without running Virus?

there are 4 options:

Option 1. The easiest way is run computer in “Safe Mode”: booting up your computer and press F8 button
then run any anti-virus/malware software on the safe mode

Option 2. Another option is to disable all program including the virus:

1. restart your computer
2. before the virus gets a chance to start up, once your desktop appears, quickly go to your start menu and click on ‘Run..’
3. type in ‘msconfig’ in the field and hit enter
4. click on the ‘Startup’ tab
5. click on ‘Disable All’ button at the bottom
6. click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’

this process helped me disable the virus from starting up, giving my computer the ability to run normally…then run ativirus

Option 3: run schedule antivirus (antivirus run when PC booting up) e.g. Avast

Option 4: Download  antivirus on USB or booting-up CD, plug into your computer, and booting up (don’t forget the BIOS setup should allow the system booting up from CD/drive). An example using Kaspersky antivirus:


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