Posted by: tonyteaching | February 28, 2011

to Remove Malware or Fake “Virus Alert”

I just got a problem of malware….just because I click link and it download a warning said “Virus Alert” and asking me to click again….I am sure even I click “No” (not run the fake virus alert) or click the X button to close the pop-up still it could activate the virus program.

So..How did I remove the malware?

0. I download 2 applications (I did it in different computer as my PC is infected and could not access Internet):

1. Booting-up my PC in safe mode (F8)

2. run the Dr Web_CureIt application (fast scan) and I repeated again using full scan..I removed all infected file

3. run MalwareByte Anti-Malware….repeated it with full scan

4. After that, I restart my PC in normal mode….and it works ..

however, if you wanna make sure…Scan your PC again using your anti virus. It’s better you dissable all the programs before running the anti-virus (read how to dissable all program in my previous posting:


  1. download Dr.Web Cureltnya kog muter-muter gitu ters? instruksinya uda tk ikuti. tp blm jg ada hasil.
    – apa yg mo dilkukn di safe mode dg Dr. Web Curelt dn MalwareByte`s itu?
    – klo kena virus, apa windowsnya mesti diinstall ulang?

  2. – pertanyaan lgi, Dr. Web Curelt dan MalwareByte`s itu diaktifkan secara bersamaankh?


    • Halili…nggak muter2 kok 🙂
      1. download dulu 2 aplikasi anti malware tadi di USB
      2. Hidupin komputer kamu untuk Safe Mode (pencet F8 saat loading)
      3. Colokin USB kamu dan install ke dua aplikasi itu di PC kamu..mulai dari Dr Web dulu..ulangi scan Dr Web untuk “Full Scan”….baru njalanin yg MalwareByte

      Biasanya udah ok..
      kalo belum
      4. download juga anti virus Kaspersky di USB install di USB boleh atau install di PC kamu dalam safe mode…terus jalanin sesuai instruksi di

      sukses ya 🙂

  3. Wow,my problem has been solved by your method.thanks very much.

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