Posted by: tonyteaching | January 29, 2011

Literature Review: Focus, to the point, easy to follow

At least I found 2 common ways/styles when a scholar writing a literature review:

First style: The review tells a story Who did What..and What did they find/suggest…then follow by another Who did What and What diankd they find…etc.

Tonight, I just realize I do not like this writing!!…even it’s common way, but frankly using this style the author is just like telling story than saying the main poin to answer the research question from literatures.
– The author wants to show the reader more that he/she has done many readings and know many findings
– but makin the reader is difficult to follow and findout the points since the writing jump from one author/study to another author/study……

I like another style (I revise my writing tonight!)

Style 2: I am saying the main points I found from a whole literature…

so…instead of saying ….Susanto (2008) suggests ……, but Andi (2009) argued….

I prefer to say

The first factor suggested by current studies is …… (Susanto, 2008). This factor is important because…..

Another factor is….

then I create a Table summarize the factors and the supporting studies…

The second style is more Focus, To the Point, and easy to Follow….and really connected to our next chapter!!


  1. nice post…
    kunjungi ini

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