Posted by: tonyteaching | November 11, 2010

Submitting a Thesis

For me as a student at the Flinders university of South Australia, I should follow this guideline:

* At least 3 months before submission date, I have to start the admin process

* also, prepare a 500 words of a summary of my thesis for my potential examiners.

* Check the last update of the Refeernce Style!

* It’s better to have a Senior Examiner since he/she is often more sympathetic to our effort πŸ™‚

* be confident: in fact, 97% of submitted thesis were pass (Killey & Mullins, 2002).

* be confident: in fact, examiners also expect the thesis to pass

* be confident: in fact, examiners try to be sympathetic to student’s views, methods, approach, and effort

–> the Points are showing that I, as a PhD candidate, am a capable independent researcher: report my effort! report my publications related to my theory!

What Examiners usually read?


be aware and put extra attention to these chapters!!
They must be Coherent & Consisten!
Especially the INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION, they should be like a single document….must be Clearly said: What the QUESTIONS? and What are the ANSWERS?

Moreover, the structure of chapters and sections must make the idea and story clear and easy to follow!

What should I do if my research result is different as I expected before?

Alike an archer who want to shoot a target, if the arrow fall onto different spot…a PhD student could replace the target to the spot so the shot is still good πŸ™‚ Yet remember the “new” target must be appropriate problem for a thesis.

What could make a thesis fails?
– inappropriate problem (research question)
– lack of understanding of theory
– confusing theory or methodology
– lack of originality
– lack of clear explanation or arguments

Last Chapters: say what is the Strength of my thesis? However, what is the Weakness?
What have been achieved? What are remaining?

Further about policies and procedures of a Thesis at Flinders University: and

After my PhD see stories at


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