Posted by: tonyteaching | February 1, 2010

to create GRAPHs from Output Window

As we know, most of the ‘Analyze’ functions on Data Window (*.sav) will create graphs on the Output Window (*.spo).
Actually, we can also create the graph or even any graphs from any variables (just like in Excel) directly from the Output Window.

On the Output Window:

Graphs menu > Chart Builder >
on the Gallery tab: choose the graph type..then drag the graph onto Chart Preview area
Choose the variables for each axis or cluster on X ….
then OK!


To show exact value for each graph (e.g. bar):
– Double click the output graph on Output windows to open the Chart Editor
– under ‘Element‘ menu > tick ‘Data Label Mode’ …and click on the any graphs that we wanna show the value.


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