Posted by: tonyteaching | February 1, 2010

Photo for the Slide’s BackGround (PowerPoint 2007)

Say, I wanna make a photo as background (I can make it on Master slide or on a single slide):

Search any photo using Google image…..right click ‘copy image‘ (so this file will be copied into Clipboard of our application..we don’t need to download the file)

Design tab > Background group > Background Styles button > Format Background button > Fill ‘Picture or texture fill‘ >  choose ‘Clipboard’ button if the file is just copied or choose ‘File..’ if the file is download onto our PC

We can also define the level of ‘Transperancy‘ of the background!

To make the photo/background to have a consistent color with our theme or text, we can modify the Picture:
on the Format Background menu, we see the ‘Picture‘ menu (instead of ‘Fill’ menu):
then decide the ‘Recolor‘, ‘brightness‘ and ‘contrast

if we want to apply this background to all slides, click “Apply to All” button.


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