Posted by: tonyteaching | February 1, 2010

Before starting typing up: Define “Slide Master” of your slides! (PowerPoint 2007)

Before starting typing up any texts for our presentation,
– to make each slide consistent (in font, color, font size, style, etc)
it is better to define the ‘Slide Master’ in our PowerPoint 2007!

Slide Master is a blue print for all presentations which will be made using our PowerPoint application in our laptop/PC.
Besides, a Slide Master can be saved as a presentation template so later on when we need a such of slide master we just need to open this template.
For example, I make a template for my PhD research (with mobilephone background), a template for Flinders task (with Flinders Uni logo), etc….

View tab > Presentation Views group > Slide Master

Here we can define the slide master for any kinds of layout such as slide master for title layout, comparison layout, blank layout, etc.
Decide what you want about the font, style, color, page setup, page orientation,

Now we can save as a template: Ms Office Logo > Save As > PowerPoint Presentation > give name + Save as type: PowerPoint Template


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