Posted by: tonyteaching | June 26, 2009

SQL list

O. Connect & Login as user… to MySQL Database Server

it can be from MySQL Command Line Client or PHPMySQL or

from Command Line Promp: (for example, user as ‘root’)

shell> mysql --user=root mysql

If you have assigned a password to the root account, you’ll also need to supply a --password or -p option, both for this mysql command and for those later in this section.

I. Check

show databases;

show tables;

desc namatabel;

select * from namatabel;

Change or using a database

use nama database;

SHOW GRANTS FOR 'tonydwisusanto'@'localhost';

II. User & Priviliges

2.1. Create User

CREATE USER 'tonydwisusanto'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'inipasswordnya';

2.2. Grant Priviliges

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'tonydwisusanto'@'localhost'

it gives tony FULL PRIVILEGES as Super User

Detail about Priviliges at

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