Posted by: tonyteaching | April 22, 2009

MySQL on Windows Vista: Problem when configuring “Could not the service MySQL”

Searching how to install MySQL Server I have found answers to typical questions concernig installation in Vista (UAC, side-by-side error fix ( ), firewall, compability), but no complete answer. After spending several hours finally I got my server running. So here is the algorithm.

To install MySQL Server 5.0.51a in Vista (download Here )
1. Disable the UAC in Windows Control Panel->User Accounts
2. Use mysql-essential-5.0.51a-win32.msi (if we use 64bits choose win64)
3. In the final step uncheck “Configure MySQL Server now”
4. Download and run Resource Hacker
5. Open …\MySQL Server 5.0\bin\MySQLInstanceConfig.exe with Resource Hacker
6. Navigate to 24\1\1033
7. Change


8. Press “Compile script”
9. Exit Resource Hacker and save the result (overwrite the initial MySQLInstanceConfig.exe)
10. Now MySQLInstanceConfig.exe should start normally. (check option for ‘exception firewall for port 3306’)
11. Configure the server.
12. Sometimes the server doesn’t start:
a) Check Windows Firewall settings (3306/TCP)
b) Try changing the compability mode for the file …\MySQL Server 5.0\bin\mysqld-nt.exe to Windows XP-SP2.
13. That’s all.


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