Posted by: tonyteaching | April 15, 2009

Bulk SMS & Bulk SMS Gateway?

smsgateway Bulk SMS is any SMS which has large quantity in character (more than 160 characters) and/or sending to more than one recipient.

SMS was created as part of the GSM Phase 1 standard.Short message content is limited to 140 ascii characters. SMS Gateways provide an easy of sending SMS messages to mobile phones and pagers. The short message limit (160 septets) can be avoided by sending messages as a sequence of short messages. With the advances in SMS technology, it has become easy to send bulk sms around the world. whether it be a single message, or a distribution list containing millions of numbers.

A bulk SMS gateway is an SMS gateway which enables delivering bulk sms’s worldwide quickly, cheaply and reliably.

Some Bulk sms gateway solutions from some providers include sending SMS via a web based interface or connecting your own application direct to their gateway vi the internet. Depending on your requirement, you could select a sms solution for your company.



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