Posted by: tonyteaching | March 11, 2009

Ms. Word 2007: using TAB Stop

using Tab Stops (Tabs) is useful when we want to type a list or Table. we can arrange position for each text easily just using Tab.

Types of the Tabs

Button image Left Tab :text
Button image Center Tab text
Button image Right Tab text:
Button image A Decimal Tab stop aligns numbers around a decimal point. Independent of the number of digits, the decimal point will be in the same position.


Button image Bar Tab stop doesn’t position text. It inserts a vertical bar at the tab position.                            |

To Set Up the Tab Stops for typing a list/table:


Tony………………Adelaide |  $100.6

First, we need to define all stop positions

by choosing the type of tab stops (icon Tab alignment button-left of ruler) and klik on the ruler

then Typing up the text….and use TAB button to tab the text on the next position


if we want to add DOT Leader between text

e.g.    Tony………………Adelaide

1. Highligh both of the texts

2. Open ‘Tabs dialog box’ (Home tab-Paragraph group-louncher arrow-‘Tab’ button)

3. Choose the ‘Tab Stop Position’: this is the end of the dot! and choose the type of the dot


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