Posted by: tonyteaching | March 9, 2009

Session 2: Doing Research and Referencing

1. What is RESEARCH?

simply is the process of finding facts.

These facts will lead to knowledge. Research is done by using what is already known. Additional knowledge can be obtained by proving (or falsifying) existing theories or systems, and by trying to better explain observations. Research is an analytical, systematic, organized and objective process. This process should answer a question or hypothesis. In this way, it should increase the knowledge and information on a certain unknown thing which people wish to know better. (Wikipedia)


2. How can we find what is already known?

By attending conferences, listening news, reading papers/articles.

The sources could be books, journal articles, newspaper articles, websites, blog writings, government publications, video, photo, etc.


3. How can we find specific information related to our topics?

Searching using Library catalogue system, library databases, and Internet (especially searching engine)


*Tutorial on How to use Library Catalogue and databases  can be found in your FLO system (ppt file)

4. How to search research papers using Searching Engine??

Recommended searching engine is

1. for academic papers

2. or for general writings (including academic papers, advertisements, etc)




( ) bracket

” “ quote





Think and type the most relevant keywords!!!

e.g. if I want to search article about how to study in university…my keywords can be “study in university” or “university AND study”


5. How to Keep up with Current research/News

At least there are Four ways we can take:

1. Activate your EMAIL alert : you will find it in particular journal website or your online library system that will let you know about new and specific information that you have define previously. for example: the email alert facility on my library: email alert Flinders library or you can use your Google Alert at

2. Copy and paste the RSS url on your PC

3. Activate your iGoogle or or using ‘Blogline’ and add all the RSS you need as your stuff

4. the other easiest way is joining with Mailing list in your special interest


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