Posted by: tonyteaching | March 9, 2009

Session 1: “What is University Learning?”

What are differences between Study at School and at University?

1. University is BIGGER than school:

– At secondary school you go from room to room for classes; at university you are more likely to go from building to building.

– more teachers (professors, lecturers, tutors, demonstrators) whose names and locations may take you a while to learn.

2. You must become Adult learner

– There are many resources to support our learning process but no-one actually takes you by the hand and takes you to these services. They are there for you but you are responsible for deciding whether you should use them.

– You decide and enroll the topics you need..You decide the way you learn the topic (you choose and use the resource)..and you learn by yourself and challenge yourself.

3.  “Start from the End“: You should determine your dream (the title, competencies and knowledge that you want to gain after finishing your Uni. study), formulate the strategy and steps to go there, and devote as well as persistent to go through your study journey in University!


What can You expect from University Learning?

Basically teaching at university aims

– to develop your knowledge in your field of study extensively.

– to develop your problem-solving work-ready skills and to be able to apply your knowledge

to develop your communication skills (written and spoken form)

– to train us to work independently

– to train you to work cooperatively and productively with in a group/team

– to educate you about ethical behavior

– to educate you to connect accross boundaries

– to encourage you to be flexible and creative

– to stimulate you to enquire, analyse and make decisions.


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