Posted by: tonyteaching | March 8, 2009

Topic 1- Foundation Course?

it’s about:

– Introducing what University study looks like?

– Introducing & Developing how to think critically?

how to develop argumentation?

how to maintain & develop  our natural inquisitiveness?

– to acclimatise You to the physical and intellectual environment of Flinders University, as well as the system and procedures of the university.

We hope, after passing this topic, You will : (general intended outcome)

1. Feel confident to do academic writing (including plan an essay; analyzing essay question; searching and gathering information for the writing from library, databases, and Internet; writing with apprpriate structure)

2. Familiar with the system, processes, and environment of study at Flinders University.

OUTLINE & Timetable (just 4 weeks! 🙂

1. (Tuesday, 10 March) = What is University Learning?

Due date for Weekly Assignment: Personal reflection (sample see page 21)

2. (Thursday, 12 March) = Doing Research and Referencing

3. (Tuesday, 17 March) = Reading Effectively and Note-Making

Due date for Weekly Assignment:Research Journal (find 3 sources for essay amd beginning of reference list)

4. (Thursday, 19 March) = analysing a Question, Mindmapping and Planning Your Essay

5. (Tuesday, 24 March) = Critical Thinking and Evaluating Sources

Due date for Weekly Assignment:Analysis of question, mindmap and detailed essay plan

6. (Thursday, 26 March) = Integrating Your Sources into a Paragraph

7. (Tuesday, 31 March) = What is a Good Essay?

Due date for Weekly Assignment: A paragraph from your essay which integrates sources with a reference list

8. (Thursday, 2 April) = Editing/Proofreading/Introduction to Part 2

FINAL ESSAY (100 words, page 11 & 12, use cover sheet on page 13!) : due date Friday 10 April 2009 …. send via email to


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