Posted by: tonyteaching | March 6, 2009

Word 2007: Save and Insert a block of Texts (which is often we use e.g. signiture,…)

Say..we often type a same texts/sentences for particular documents, such as “Yours – Tony” in the end of our letter, or typing our identity “Tony Dwi Susanto – PhD student”

Instead of typing again and again, it’s faster and easier saving the Object (it can be sentences, image, graph, ..) on the Ms. Word application and ‘call’/insert it when we need it.

Using this feature in Ms. Word 2007:

1) Typing the text or make the object …. Select/Highlight the texts/object

2) INSERT tab > TEXT group > “Quick Parts” button …choose: “Save Selection to Quick Parts Gallery”

3) Give a simple name & easy to remember for that text button, e.g: endletter

To use/call that Object:

– just type in the name (e.g. endletter)

– and press F3


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