Posted by: tonyteaching | February 15, 2009

Ms. PowerPoint 2007: to change Measurement Unit

It’s Bad!!! we can not change the measurement unit of our PowerPoint directly from the application –> we just can change it through Windows Control Panel-Regional Setting:

  1. In Windows click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Regional Options or Regional and Language Options.The options that appear are different for each version of Windows:
    • If you are working in Windows XP, click the Regional Options tab, and then click Customize. On the Numbers tab, in the Measurement system list, click Metric.
    • If you are not using Windows XP, look for a Numbers option that includes a Measurements setting, and then change the value to Metric.
  3. Apply the changes, and then start PowerPoint.The rulers will now display measurements in the system that you have chosen.

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