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Ms. Word 2007

Do you feel frustrating with Ms. Office 2007, especially Ms. Word 2007? I do!..Since the layout, the grouping, and most of all aspects of the interface look different, even we have been expert using Ms. Word 2003, often I feel dummy again 😦

This posting for remembering how to find some functions in Ms. Word 2007:

* The functions of Ms. Word 2007 are put in the Groups, and a collection of groups are on a Tab.

* The file extension of Ms. Word 2007 is “*.docx” (doc XML format) differently with previous versions.

Remember: always to ‘Save As‘ > ‘Word 97-2003 Document” if we will open it in previous Ms. Word version.

* VIEW buttons (included ZOOM slider) on the right bottom

* in Ms.Word 2007 there is no ‘File’ menu is changed by OFFICE button (on the left top ): New, Open, Save, Save As, Print (& Print Preview), Prepare, Send, Publish, Close.

* to show FORMATTING MARKS button is on ‘Home‘ Tab – “Paragraph” group.

* FONT format buttons is on ‘Home‘ Tab – “Font” group, also there will be Font Format mini toolbar everytime we highlight and click texts: Font, font’s Size, make text larger, make taxt smaller, apply a style to text, copy the format, Bold, Italic, Center, text color, decrease indent, increase indent, bullet.

* Document TEMPLATEs are provided on Office button > New > Installed Templates

* UNDO, REDO/Retyping buttons on the top left next to Office button

* FORMAT, CUT, COPY, FORMAT PAINTER are on ‘Home‘ Tab – “Clipboard” group or Right Click.

* Cut text and Paste (move a text) is easily just highlight the text and drag on the targeted position.

* SPLIT WINDOW is on ‘View’ tab – ‘Window’ group.

* OFFICE CLIPBOARD is a box to store items we copy/cut –> we can paste all item in once. To show the Office Clipboard just small arrow on the  right bottom of  ‘Clipboard’ group.

* FIND, REPLACE, GO TO are on ‘Home’ tab – “Editing” group.

* SPELLING and GRAMMAR are on ‘Preview’ tab – “Proofing” group, or right-click on the text.

* AUTO-CORRECT is on OFFICE button > “Word Options” > ‘Proofing’ > “AutoCorrect”.

* To Customize Toolbar/Buttons: OFFICE button > “Word Options” > ‘Customize’

* THESAURUS: Shift+F7…….or on ‘Review’ tab – “Proofing” group.

* Adding HYPERLINKs on the ‘Insert’ tab – “Links” group (it can be hyperlinks to existing file/webpage, bookmark, new document, or email)

* Preparing a Document for Distribution, e.g. marking as a ‘FINAL’ document which can not be changed: OFFICE button> “Prepare” > “Mark as Final

or if we want to check and remove any private information on the document: OFFICE button> “Prepare” > “Inspect Document> “Inspect”

* LINE SPACING is on ‘Home’ tab – “Paragraph” group, or by openning the small arrow (‘launcher’) on “Paragraph” group.

* PARAGRAPH SPACING is on ‘Page Layout’ tab – “Paragraph” group

* QUICK STYLE (template for style options) is on ‘Home’ tab – “Styles” group

* CLEAR FORMATING button is on ‘Home’ tab-“Font” group

* TAB :

to make list like this


It can easily be made using TAB:

TAB INDICATOR (we can change to make LEFT Tab, RIGHT Tab, …) is on the left side of the Horisontal Ruler.

1. Select the text

2. Define the LEFT tab by clicking the Horisontal Ruler and define the position.

– Define another the LEFT tab as the middle text and define the position (as the second tab position)

– Define the RIGHT tab and define the position (as the last tab position)

2. Then insert Tab in every text so the positions are as in the picture.

3. To insert the dot (“Leader”): select the text that will be given leader……click the ‘Launcher’ (small arrow) in the ‘Paragraph‘ group > “TABS” button > define the Leader

Defining the tab is also needed when we want to define the tab for each paragraph.

* INDENTs buttons (decrease, increase) are on ‘Home’ tab – “Paragraph” groups.

LEFT Indent, RIGHT Indent, and FIRST LINE Indent or even PARAGRAPH Indent can be arranged just by dragging the Indent Marker on the Horisontal Ruler.

* BULLETs and NUMBERING buttons are on ‘Home’ tab – “Paragraph” group.

* BORDER and SHADING buttons are on ‘Home’ tab – “Paragraph” group…….features like in Ms Word 2003 are on “border” button (‘Home’ tab – “Paragraph” group)> “Borders and Shading..”

* Adding FOOTNOTES and ENDNOTES are on ‘References’ tab – “Footnotes” group.

* MARGIN setting, PAPER SIZE and ORIENTATION buttons are on ‘Page Layout’ tab – “Page Setup” group

* SECTION BREAK (to divide blocks of text to different section which could be modified with different format) is on ‘Page Layout’ Tab > “BREAK” button > “Continuous” (if we want to start the new section on the same page”

* PAGE BREAK (to force next text on to the next page of the document) is on ‘Page Layout’ Tab > “BREAK” button > “Page”

or using short keys: [CTRL] [ENTER]

* COLUMNs Button (to make more than one column) is on ‘Page Layout’ Tab – “Page Setup” group

* Formatting COLUMNs: ‘Page Layout’ Tab – “Page Setup” group > “Columns” button > “More Columns”

* Page Number button is on ‘Insert’ Tab – “Header and Footer” groups

* HEADER & FOOTER is  on ‘Insert’ Tab – “Header and Footer” groups

* “Different First Page”, “Different Even and Odd Pages” Options come up when we EDIT Header/Footer: ‘Insert’ Tab – “Header and Footer” groups > “Header” or “Footer” button > “Edit Header”/Footer ”

* Inserting TABLE is on ‘Insert’ Tab – “Tables” Groups > “Table” button

* Inserting CLIP ART, PICTURE, SHAPES, GRAPH is on ‘Insert’ Tab – “Illustration” Groups


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