Posted by: tonyteaching | February 2, 2009

SPSS: Getting started

SPSS windows has two tabs on the bottom:

Variable View

Data View

We must define each variable’s properties in ‘Variable view’ before we can add the data in ‘Data view’:

Name‘ is variable’s name as well as the Heading title of the column (in Data view)

Variable Type‘ is the type of variable’s data (Numeric, String, …)

Width‘ is how many characters is the data maximum

Decimals‘ is how many characters behind the coma

Label‘ is the further explanation of what the variable is

Values‘ is possibilities (constraint) of the data of the variable,

e.g. “m” : male, “f”:female or

other coding such as “1”: student, “2”: lecturer, “3”: researcher, “0”:missing data

other binary options, “0”: No, “1”: yes, “9”: missing

more than one possibilities missing data: “0” : missing, “8”: missing (not answer), “9”: missing (to reject)

or you don’t need to define anything if no necessary

Missing” is what variable(s) have meanings of missing data?

Columns” is the column’s width (how many characters)

Align” is align of the data in each column (left, right, or center)

Measure” is category of the data (Scale, Ordinal, Nominal)

To show detail of Coding, for example “1” <–> “Student” ….just “View” > “Value Labels”  or just click “Value Labels” button


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