Posted by: tonyteaching | February 1, 2009

Your Initial Password & How to change it?

When you log into the Flinders’ computer system in the first time, the system requires you to type your USER NAME and PASSWORD.

Your USER NAME = your Email User Name which is issued when you enrolled

Your Initial PASSWORD = last four digits of your student number with the first four digits of your birth date.

For example:

my student number is 2034784

my birth date is 1st July 1980 (0107-1980)

so my initial password is 47840107

… have completed the initial log in to your account

Then…every initial log in will be followed by RED Change Password Screen (you have to change your initial password)

Your New Password must:

– at least 7 characters long

– at least 2 alphabetic characters (a-z) or A-Z) and at least 1 numeric (0-9) or special character;


If you forget your new password or you can log in for your initial login –> you need to see Help Desk. The Help Desk for Infoeng is in room 259 ‘ (2nd Floor next to School office, go through the corridor)- the Information Science & Technology building.


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