Posted by: tonyteaching | February 1, 2009

The Computer System in Infoeng labs?

The computer system in Infoeng labs is Server-Workstations networking system.

The server is a large multi-user machines located in another part of the building. The infoeng server is UNIX server.

The main workstations are ‘Sunrays‘ ( special-purpose graphics workstation) which use ‘IceWM’ interface.

The IceWM is similar with Ms. Windows in our PC. The IceWM is a tiny window manager for Linux and Unix that requires far less memory and CPU power which is fir for thin client machines, in which the bulk of processing is done on a server, like Infoeng labs.

The toolbar of IceWM is on the bottom presenting icons:

1. ‘Favorite Applications‘ ~ ‘Start’ icon in Windows showing the applications available for us

2. ‘Show Desktop‘ ~ Hide and Unhide button in Windows

3.’Window List Menu‘= is an alternative of using the workspace buttons 1,2,3,or 4. To show a workspace.

4. ‘USB devices’ menu = to work with your external USB stick

5. ‘Workspace 1, 2, 3, or 4’ ~ just like windows in Ms. Windows but maximum 4 windows, we can open 4 different applications and working with them in the same time.

Additionally, in order to enable the UNIX systems to have a Windows environment and to access Ms. Windows application (such as Ms. Office, WinZip, etc), the Infoeng server is installed another software packet: Windows Terminal Server (WTS).

To access the WTS, just right click on blank screen > “Main” > “Microsoft Windows

To exit from WTS, just click “logging off” from the ‘Start’ menu



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