Posted by: tonyteaching | February 1, 2009

Workshop 2: Unix Interface (IceWM workstation), some basic UNIX Commands, Windows (WTS) (Checkpoint 1,2,3)

NOTE: be aware about the Practical Deadlines on Pages v in Practical Material pages!!!

Checkpoint 1:

Using Shell in Unix show the result of command

XCalc …………………(calculator)

Calendar for may 2009 ………………( cal 5 2009)


Checkpoint 2:

a. Using Explorer in Window Terminal Server (WTS), create and show directories:

– “ict” (in your home directory/ H drive) which contains directories

“word” (contains directories “pract4”, “pract5”)

– “excel” (contains directories “pract6”, “pract7”, “pract8”)

-“access” (contains directories “pract9”, “pract10”)

b. Show your home directory’s files in alphabetical order with file size and modification dates and times


Checkpoint 3:

Show in your directory “word/prac4” there are files:

WD B-1.doc

WD C-1.doc

(source: ICT1A teaching web/ L drive directory ‘pracs\prac4)


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