Posted by: tonyteaching | January 30, 2009

Working with very large Table

Working with very large data is frustrating! e.g. it takes long time to see the end of the data, or when we look at data on the bottom we can’t see the headings anymore, etc

Here some Excel’s features that may help you:

1. Freeze Panes

We can freeze a block of row and/or column so they will be freezing/not moving when we scroll the data.

For example: we want to keep showing the Headings on the top of the table even when we scroll the data down.

Select the 2nd row as the split’s referenc (because we want to freeze the 1st headings)

> “Window” > “Freeze Panes”


Alternatively, we can split the windows becoming 2 windows:

Select the row as the split’s reference > “Window” > “Split”

to delete a split: just double click the split.

The SPLIT or MULTIPLE WINDOWS are also useful when we want to compare data located in far location (e.g. A1 with A300)
or to compare data between 2/more Excel files

3. Go down to last data cell:………………………

“Control” + down arrow (go to last row)

“Control” + Up arrow (go to first row)

“Control” + left arrow (go to first column)

“Control” + right arrow (go to last column)

“Control” + “home”….Go back to firt cell (A1)

4. Select all data : ……highlighted the last cell arrow……..Shift + COntrol + Home

Some other Tips:


Pasting the coppied data ’special’ just the values or formula or… (choose on the popup menu)

Shortcut for changing the $ position on Absolute Reference….press F4

Entrying Data faster: using the Form ……………..DATA –> “FORM”


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