Posted by: tonyteaching | January 30, 2009

To analyze a table of data easier using LIST or FILTER

When we work with Table of DATA (the Headings are on the top row) and analyze the data in Excel,

thera are 2 options for us:

1. Changing all of data becoming  LIST/Database

Highlight all data range………..Data > List > “CREATE LIST

Now our list became a Database List
On “List Toolbar” there is facilities to count Total
…then it will appear new field “Total” with each cell provide rolling arrow
with some functions of total

(to convert to Common Excel list ….from the List Toolbar click  or Data>List>….”CONVERT to RANGE”)


2. just change the headings becoming FILTER

Highlight just the headings………..Data > Filter > “Auto Filter

When we click the Title Cells, there will be a ‘Filter’ Rolling Arraw Functions
we can just view a particular arrow based on our criteria on the our ‘filter’ cell

we can also COMBINE the FILTER
…so on the ‘Product Name’ title we choose “SNACK” and on ‘Price’ title we choose “Price GREATER THEN 100″


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