Posted by: tonyteaching | January 28, 2009

to Export reference(s) directly from an online Journal

Another option to get and add reference(s) into our EndNote library is by using direct ‘Export’ feature which is provided by most of prominent Online Journals (e.g. Proquest, ISI, IEEE, OVID, ect)

Let’s we try…for example: I want to search paper(s) using ‘Proquest‘ online journal (for Flinders’ students you can access it through Library > Database).

After we put the keywords and find some relevant results.

1. Check/Mark the box(es) in front of item(s) you want.

2. Click link “Export” on top of the list > “Export directly to ProCite,EndNote or Reference Manager” > Open with: ‘EndNote’

— choose our EndNote library file..then automatically they will be added in the library.

The same alternative we also cant save the reference as a EndNote file which can be imported later from our opened EndNote library – File > Import by choosing Save File (instead of ‘Open with’)


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