Posted by: tonyteaching | January 28, 2009

Importing a reference from Google Scholar

Besides adding references manually, we also can IMPORT a reference easily from Google Scholar (Google Scolar has provided a feature for importing its references).

First, we need to enable the link for importing reference to EndNote by

– clicking text “Scholar Preferences” next to ‘Search’ button > on “Bibliography Manager” (bottom) choose “show link to import citation to“: ‘EndNote

and click “Save Preference” button

Then we can start to search documents …..

How to get (import) the reference?

Now everytime we search documents, each list in Google Scholar will also show link “import into EndNote

when we want to get a reference directly added into our EndNote library, just click the link “import into EndNote” > Open with ‘EndNote’ and choose our EndNote library file

(automatically the reference will be added into our library)

Alternatively, we can choose “import into EndNote” > Save File (if we want to save the reference as a EndNote file which can be imported later from our opened EndNote library – File > Import)


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