Posted by: tonyteaching | January 27, 2009

EndNote’s Files, Copy the Files, Backup, and Compress

When we setup a EndNote library –> it will be saved as:

1 file EndNote Library and

1 Folder Data with the same name (we define the name when saving the library).

* So…if you are likely to work with different PCs, it’s handy to save or copy both of file and folder into your USB stick! Then you can always use your EndNote library anytime anywhere as long as there is EndNote application installed on the PC/laptop.

Backing Up Your EndNote Files

As you work, EndNote automatically saves changes you make to your library file.  But it is important to periodically make backup copies of your EndNote library, in case your library file or the disk drive on which it is stored ever becomes corrupted. A good time to backup is at the end of your EndNote session.

To make a backup copy, you can choose File menu > Save a Copy and then save the file to a backup disk. However, if you have larger files, consider using the Compressed Library feature that is explained below.

Saving a Compressed Copy of a Library

You can save your complete library (including its associated .DATA folder and all of its contents) to a single compressed file. To do this, go to the File menu and choose Compressed Library.enlx > Create or Create & Email.

EndNote will save the file as a compressed library file (.enlx extension). Later, when you open this file with EndNote, it will extract both the EndNote file and the .DATA folder.


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