Posted by: tonyteaching | January 27, 2009

EndNote X2 appearance, Sorting, Finding, and Viewing References

When you first start EndNote, a dialog box appears that allows you to open a reference library. Choose “open an existing library” and browse to the library you want to open.  You can also open a library from within EndNote by choosing Open from the File menu.

An EndNote library appears in a library window:

The top part  of the EndNote screen includes menu headings (File, Edit, References, Groups, Tools, Window, Help) a toolbar (icons displayed below the menu headings), a box showing the current output style, a search box, and a help icon ().

The library window displays a list of references in the library, with each reference displayed in one line. Across the top of the window are column headings (fields), which by default are File Attachments (paper clip icon), Author, Year, Title, Journal/Secondary Title, Reference Type, URL, and Last Updated.

At the bottom of the library window, the status bar shows the number of references displayed (e.g., “Showing 200 out of 200 references”), and an area to click to show or hide a reference preview. You can resize the library window by clicking and dragging the corner of the window.

SORTING the references: –> simply just clicking the column Heading

FINDING a reference –> 2 options:

– scroll through the list by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by using the scroll bar, or

– type keywords on the ‘Quick Search’ box on the toolbar (top right side)

VIEWING detail of a reference:

To view the complete reference, double-click on its line in the library, or click and press Enter. The Reference window appears. The Reference window allows you to view, enter, or edit information for a reference.

Use the scrollbar to scroll through the reference. The Reference Type is shown at the top of the window.

Icons ( ) allow you to flip sequentially from reference to reference.

To close the detail of a reference (auto save): just close the window by clicking X


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