Posted by: tonyteaching | January 27, 2009

EndNote: what is it? Why to use it? How to install it?

EndNote is a special application (software) for organizing our references.

Comparing to write our references manually, such as (Susanto & Goodwin 2006), Susanto (2006) said …., and list of references in the end of our paper, using EndNote application will give us some significant benefits:

1. We can collect as many as references (including the pdf files, images, word, etc) in the EndNote database that can be used anytime we need.

2. Once we have input the references in the EndNote database, we will not need to type the references manually on our paper anymore.

3. We can choose/change style of the references (Havard system, Note system, etc) easily, or even more we can define our style .

4. To find and input the references, there are features for Internet Search for references, Importing references, and Direct Export .

5. The most important feature of EndNote, we can Cite While You Write references when we work with Ms Word.


EndNote is not free software, however there free trial software if you search in Internet. And if you search further, maybe you could find cracked EndNote master 🙂

For Flinders University’s students, You can get/download the latest EndNote version (EndNote X2) at

You must unzip both the exe and the dat file to the same location before running setup.exe or else you will have problems installing this software (i.e. it will ask for a product key).

When you finish to install the EndNote, you should see an EndNote toolbar on next to standard toolbar on your Ms. Word (for Ms Word 2003) or New Tab “EndNote” (for Ms Word 2007), otherwise your installation doesn’t work well (repeat it! close the Ms. Word before installation).


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