Posted by: tonyteaching | January 26, 2009

to put PAGE NUMBER and Customize it

To put Page Number is easy, just “Insert” > “Page Numbers” (choose the options, e.g. view the page number on the first page or not, etc..)

To modify further the page number or other Header/Footer objects we can “View” > “Header and Footer

For example: we want to type additional texts before page number

Tony 13456, Assignment 1 Page 2

Additionally, we  can make

Page 1 is different than other pages, e.g. no page number or special footer, etc: “File” > “Page Setup” > “Lay Out” tab > check “Different First Page

– Different notes or Page Number positions between Odd and Even, e.g.: for Odd pages the page numbers are on left, for Even pages on the right: “File” > “Page Setup” > “Lay Out” tab > check “Different Odd and Even


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