Posted by: tonyteaching | January 26, 2009

To make a Document TEMPLATE & defining Style

(Ms. Words 2003)

Say…We often have assignments, and most of the assignment have same format –> Instead of defining format each time writing an assignment, it is better to define a Template for our Assigment (e.g. Flinders_Assignments). By having this template, we just need to use it, does not need to define format, everytime we make our assigment for Flinders.

Defining the STYLE is beneficial for formatting our document easier, building the blocks for outlines (view > Outline), and they will be referenced on Table Of Content (TOC).

Let’s start :

1. Page Setup (Paper Size, Layout, paper Orientation, Margins)

When we start to write a document, for example: a paper, it’s a good idea to start from defining

– the Paper Size? …. e.g.: A4

– Layout? …………… for now we don’t need define anything

– Margins?…………e.g: top 4 cm, left 4 cm, bottom 4cm, right 4cm and Orientation is Portrait

2.  Now we can type our paper …..

3. Defining STYLEs for each part of our paper

location: “Format” –> “Styles and Formatting

Here how to define the Styles for our TITLE, Sub Title, Sub-Sub Title, and The Paragraph (to view larger: klik the image below and klik for larger view)


Then…you can save this document “Save As”: “Document Template


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