Posted by: tonyteaching | January 26, 2009

if You use CROSS-REFERENCE on your writing

When we want put a reference on our writing, for example, on the end of our document we want to type:

For detail about finding see Introduction page 3

Since the name of the chapter and the page maybe changed, to make it automatically updated we can use Cross Reference feature of Ms. Word:

Insert” > “Cross-Reference

then choose the options (we can insert more than one object, e.g. heading text, page, etc)

Note!!: (bug on Words 2003) if you want to change the Heading Text (e.g.  Introduction –> Background), Do Not Delete the words (because it will come up wit ‘reference source not found’) but Use INSERT button to change the word…then to change the referencing text automatically: highlight the text-right click-‘update field’


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