Posted by: tonyteaching | January 26, 2009

Creating Table Of Content (TOC) and Organizing our document using Outline View

When we want to make Table of Content (TOC) of our paper, here the Ms. Word will create the TOC automatically based on Outline levels of each part of our document <– That’s why Defining Style (including the Outline Level) for each Headings and Paragraph is important!

Now, take a look the Outline Levels of your document: “View” > “Outline

(the Outline toolbar will be appeared as well) like here:


However, if we haven’t defined the Outline Levels of our documents, using the Outline View we can arrange the Levels of each part of our document.

Some important features in this Outline View Toolbar:

– “Show Level” drop menu: you can choose to view ‘Show All Levels’ or just ‘Level 1″ or  up to ‘Level 2’ or next

– Drag and drop (using mouse) moving particular part of document to different position easily

or using “Move Up” and “Move Down” arrow button on toolbar to move a particular part of document.

“Promote” or “Demote” arrow button for increasing or decreasing the level of a particular section.

Now Let’s Make Table of Content of the document:

1. Place the cursor where we want to put Table of Content, for example: on the beginning of our document.

2. Reference” tab > “Index and Tables” group > “Table of Contents” button > “Insert Table of Contents…”

You can choose the options: Show/Not Show the “Page Number”, “Tab align page number”, “Tab leader”, “Format”, and the most important is referenced levels “Show Levels”.



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