Posted by: tonyteaching | November 1, 2008

To Install ‘Apache’ HTTP/Web Server

1. Download the Installer Packet at choose the latest varsion with MSI (Microsoft Installer) to install easier 🙂

2. Install the Packet :

  • Double-click the downloaded MSI to launch the installer. You will be presented with the welcome screen.
apache tutorial installtion image one
  • Click ‘Next’ to continue.
  • Accept the licence agreement and click ‘Next’
  • Read the ‘Read this first’ box and click ‘Next to continue.
  • Enter Server Information and click next. (Server can be ‘localhost’)
  • Choose Custom Install and click ‘Next’
  • Change install directory to suit your needs –
  • This Tutorial and future PHP/MySQL tutorial assumes you have changed the default ‘c:\Apache\Apache2\’ to ‘d:\web\’- Always try to change the default parameters in any installation – especially accessible ones like Web Servers. Click Next.
  • Click ‘Install’ to – well , erm , Install !!
  • If you have ZoneAlarm installed, you may get a Security Warning asking if you want to allow Apache to act as a Server. Tick the box and click ‘Yes’ to allow Apache to act as a Server (because it is!)
  • Once installed click ‘Finish’ to exit the installer.

After the above was followed , my installation was already up and running and all that was needed was to test it by opening a web browser and entering ‘http://localhost’ as the URL.

This should bring up the Apache welcome test page – Well actually for this release at least, the ‘welcome’ page is gone and replaced with a simple ‘It Works!’ in the top left corner of the page – if you get this is IS working!


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