Posted by: tonyteaching | October 29, 2008

Workshop 11 (week 12)

Since our class is a small workgroup (10-12 students), so as we agreed this workshop will be the last workshop for our class (there is no Workshop 12 since all students will have presented in Workshop 11).

You have to give presentations for your Assignment 2 (Web Consultant).

The total mark for the presentation is 4%. Time for each presentation is 4 up to 5 minutes. Please be aware about the:

– Presentation Structure (Introduction, Body, Discussion) – 1%

Content – 1%

Delivery (Speech clear and audible, engagement of audience, time, speed) – 0.5%

Slide show – 1%

Overall impressions (talking effective, well prepared, confident & enthusiastic) – 0.5%

You will be a “Web Consultant” here, so you have to convince us why and how our company should use Web-based technology to expand our business.

Good Luck guys, Thanks for your cooperation, and very nice to work with you!!!

Tony D Susanto


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