Posted by: tonyteaching | September 3, 2008

Workshop 6 (week 7)

1. Discussion about “E-Supermarket” case (Table 1 Q1+Q2, Table 2 Q3, Table 3 Q4) – 30 minutes

2. Table Discussion: hardware/software needed and possible problems conducting a Federal Referendum and Election using IT to give final results at close of voting – 40 minutes

3. Discussion about marking the presentation (Search Engine assignment) and giving presentations – 30 minutes


Remember: The DUE DATE for ASSIGNMENT 1 (Search Engine) will be NEXT WEEK (Week 8  ) Monday at 10 am!!!
Put your Report into Submission Box outside the school office, do not forget to add a signed Submission Declaration page.

Your PRESENTATION will be also NEXT WEEK (Workshop 7).
Prepare your presentation slides (max 3 pages), make it simple, you can use Power Point (save in USB) or just plastics, max 4 minutes.



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