Posted by: tonyteaching | September 1, 2008

Workshop 5 (week 6)

1. Discussion about “Replacing a core banking system”: table 1 (explaining ‘wrapper’ and ‘legacy system’ terms), table 2 (explaining ‘Integration Partner’ and ‘Backend systems’ terms), and table 3 (question b about time for planning and the implementation) –> 10 minutes+10minutes=20 minutes

2. Testing of the web pages: I will give opportunities for you to check and to make sure that both of your pages work properly (30 minutes).

Remember: handin your personal photo to ‘ita1/w3photo‘ (you don’t need to send your personal photo to me) –> In server, Your personal photo file will be changed becoming your FAN without any file extension (e.g. ‘susa0004’) so if your personal page use this photo your HTML tag must refer this file (and the location) without extension (e.g. ‘<img src=”../w3photo/susa0004>’).

Each student will mark all other students’ web pages and the final mark for each student is the average mark. (60 minutes). I send the Marking Sheets directly to your emails, you will use that sheet for marking in class.


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