Posted by: tonyteaching | August 25, 2008

Workshop 4 (week 5)

Hand in your weekly task (Business Intelligence Portal of Amway) before class.

1. Discussing about ‘Business Intelligence Portal‘ case (table 1:Q1,Q2; table2:Q3; table3:Q4,Q5): 10 minutes table discussion, 10 minutes some highlights.

2.  Discussion on SEARCH ENGINE assignment (page A1-A3) + assigning a search engine for each student. (15 minutes)

3. Discussion about Computer Systems (information architecture, infrastructure, and systems) for Small Business and a Large Multi Division Firm: table discussion (10 minutes), class discussion (5 minutes)

4. Finalise Checklist for Web Page assignment (10 minutes)

5. Work on your Web Page Assignment (45 minutes). Your group’s PHOTO and LOGO have been uploaded in server’s directory “ita1/w3group/w3group.jpg” and “ita1/w3logo/w3logo.jpg” (in your HTML, your group image must  refer to this path). If you want to download this photo for working on your PC, click here, your LOGO here

be Aware: Next Monday, 1 September 2008 is the due date for hand in your web page task!!!

Next week weekly-task: Commonwealth bank case


SEARCHING ENGINES Assignment (9 points= 5 points for REPORT+4 points for the talks)

Due date: Moday Week 8 (another 3 weeks) at 10 am

You will be asked to assess a searching engine and compare it to Google (Please read Instruction on your Handout page A1-A3).

You can choose one of the searching engines (each student must be different in the search engine!):

1) About 2) Alexa Internet 3) All The Web 4) 5) Bluewin 6) Chubba 7) Cozy Cabin 8 ) Cuil 9) Cyber Kids 10) DMOZ 11) Espotting 12) Go/Infoseek 13) 14) Hog Search 15) Hot Bot 16) Infoseek 17) Iwon 18 ) IX Quick 19) Kanoodle 20) Live Search 21) Looksmart 22) Lycos 23) NBCi/Snap 24) Nerdworld 25) Northern Light 26) Overture 27) Teoma 28 ) Wikia Search 29) WiseNut 30) Yahoo 31) Yahooligans


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