Posted by: tonyteaching | August 10, 2008

Workshop 2 (week 3)

Hand in your weekly task (Qantas e-commerce case) before discussion (no mark for papers which handed in after discussion).

1. Small group discussion “Qantas e-commerce case”

* group discussion – 15 minutes

* present it – 5 minutes

* some highlights about e-commerce – 10 minutes

2. Web Planning & Design (for your Personal page and Group page) – 45 minutes + Explanation about Webpage assignment (3 point) – 15

just 1 page minimum (1 html file)

* What information need to be put on your Personal Page? on your Group page?

* How is the page lay out?

* Have you had your photo? your group photo? your group’s logo?

* What important aspects do you think in a “good web page”?


– Next week weekly task “Dutch Flower Auction system” question no 1, 2, 4

– Next Monday 10 am: due date for Searching Engine task


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